If you are unfamiliar with the concept of public access computer systems, please consult Wikipedia for a quick overview. As Datenkommune we provide:

We are open to feature requests or other feedback regarding the service.


In order to be granted access to the services provided by this project you are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct - which is relatively simple & boils down to a very blunt statement: Don't be an asshole.

(If you are unsure what we mean about that, has an excellent explanation of what's not okay. And since the server is located in Austria, the local law is also a pretty reliable guidance.)

The same applies to the usage of this service, everything is based on the principle of fair use. There are no limits on ressource use, and ideally this shouldn't be necessary. Nonetheless there will be consequences for abusing this freedom.

If you are fine with that all you need to do is to gather the following information:

Send it via electronic mail to Once your account has been created you will receive a notification to the mail address you used to send the message.

Please note that while we all are nerds and most likely in front of our computers anyway, it still may take some time for you to get a reply. Please be patient. If we don't get back to you after three days, feel free to reach out.


For support requests you can send a message to Alternatively you can - and are highly encouraged to - join #datenkommune on See you there!