Computers used to be the gateway to an entirely new world, to seemingly infinite knowledge and the possibility to connect with people from all over the world. For a lot of people it brought a chance to ask questions that they couldn't ask elsewhere. To learn things or access resources their parents couldn't have dreamed of ever accessing during their lifetime.

But slowly and steadily the Internet evolved from something akin to a digital utopia into something that looks more and more like like a horrible Dystopian nightmare.

The Internet changed, and for some people the Internet isn't a free, multi-faceted and diverse medium anymore. For some people the Internet is Facebook, email is Gmail, videos are Youtube. The Internet has become dominated by big corporations in some instances, with the kraken of surveillance capitalism trying to take away every ounce of privacy.

Datenkommune is a small, tiny even, attempt at making a difference. An attempt at creating a place that's based off of community, enthusiasm, respect.

At creating a place where your mails aren't checked and peppered with tracking Javascript. A place where your creations can happily exist, no matter how big or small they might be. A place where you don't have to wonder if you are the product. A place that's sparks genuine joy, making computing a bit more fun. A bit more innocent.

And even if it's insignifcant in the great scheme of things it's nonetheless worth it. Maybe we can't make the digital world a better place for everyone. But if we can make it a better place for someone - that's already enough.

On a "technical" level Datenkommune was mainly inspired by and, as well as by the rise of the Tildeverse. Thank you.